Lung Congress

Lung Congress

Lung Congress

10th Annual Lung and Critical Care Congress

The first congress of respiratory physiotherapy and special care

The first congress of pulmonary and special care nursing


Valaderman Amirkabir company is the exclusive representative of the importer, sales and after sales services of the Lowenstein Medical Technology Germany company,  invites you to visit this company’s booth at the 10th Annual Lung and Special Care Congress held on October 26-28, 1402 in Shahid Beheshti University International Conference Hall in Tehran.

The lung diseases subspecialty congress will be held in this month of October, after the inevitable break due to the corona epidemic, in this meeting, prominent speakers from inside and outside the country will exchange the latest scientific achievements in the field of lung prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


Time: October 26-28, 2023

Place: Shahid Beheshti University International Conference Hall, Tehran

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