Sleep therapy - CPAP

Prisma Smart

Prisma Smart CPAP machine is made by Lownstein Medical Technology, Germany. Vala Derman Amirkabir company guarantees all its respiratory aid products for 2 years and undertakes to provide 10 years after-sales service for all its products.

CPAP Prisma Smart respiratory aid device is one of the most reliable and best global brands that helps to improve the respiratory condition of patients in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases.

It should also be mentioned that the Prisma Smart device is one of the most widely used and reliable devices for eliminating obstructive breathing interruptions during sleep, which can eliminate all breathing interruptions with a reliable and stable control of inspiratory pressure.

Also, prisma devices with a beautiful appearance and a full-color touch screen (winner of the 2015 Reddot European Design Award), have a stable and reliable performance.

Items included with this device include a carrying bag, prismaAQUA humidity container, memory card, breathing tube and adapter.

Devices manufactured by Lownstein Medical Technology have a two-year warranty and ten years of after-sales service.

Vala Derman Amirkabir Company is the official and legal sales and after-sales service representative of Lownstein Medical Technology Company.

CPAP (or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is a type of therapy that delivers mild air pressure to a patient’s upper airway to keep their airways open so that patients can breathe normally while they sleep. kill, or in other words, it relieves breathing congestion. CPAP can be used to treat breathing problems such as obstructive sleep apnea and chronic snoring.

CPAP is the most effective non-surgical treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. It is the first choice of treatment and is the most commonly used. It is the gold standard for treating sleep apnea.

The Parisma Smart Features

It has CPAP / Auto CPAP breathing modes
Adjustable pressure range from 4 to 20 cmH2O
High accuracy in detecting and recording various respiratory events including apnea, hypo apnea, snoring and RERA by the latest diagnostic technology.
Accurate and complete reporting for up to 365 days
Modern design, comfortable to use, reliable
no sound
Weight 1.3 kg
It has a large screen
The ability to connect to a sleep test device
It has Auto Start and Auto Stop features when putting the mask on the face or removing it
It has patient comfort options such as soft PAP (pressure reduction for easier exhalation), automatic start and stop
Soft start (softSTART) in order to make the patient comfortable at the beginning of the treatment
Differentiation and accurate recording of obstructive apnea from central apnea (one of the most important features of the device to accurately check all types of respiratory interruptions and improve treatment)
The ability to choose the size of the breathing tube between 15 and 22 mm
Complete accessories including moisture container, hose tube, memory card and carrying case

Warnings and precautions

The CPAP breathing aid device is sold to the patient only with a doctor’s order or prescription. Do not use this device before the pressure treatment prescribed by the doctor is determined.
The CPAP breathing aid device must be used according to the doctor’s orders, set up and set up by an authorized specialist, and the user must be given the necessary training.