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About Vala Darman Amirkabir Company

Vala Darman Amirkabir Company (private corporation) with the aim of operating in the field of respiratory equipment and medical gases with the collective efforts of graduates of Amirkabir University of Technology (the scientific pole of the country’s medical engineering) in the field of medical engineering and using experts with experience in the field of hospital medical gases Established.


This company has succeeded in obtaining import representation of the following companies in Iran:


The exclusive representative of Lowenstein Medical Technology, Germany, in the field of providing breathing and sleep therapy devices such as CPAP, Bi-PAP, portable ventilator, sleep disorder diagnosis system (PSG) and various NIV breathing masks.

The exclusive representative of the French company Mil’s in the field of providing advanced and standard central medical compressed air systems, central medical vacuum and anesthetic gas collection system (AGSS).

The official representative of the German Inmatec company in the field of supplying special hospital oxygen and nitrogen generator systems.

The official representative of the German Berg Kompressoren company in the field of providing compressed air systems required for oxygen generators.

The official representative of Axcent Medical, Germany, in the field of providing hospital ventilators and anesthesia machines.

The official representative of Amico Canada company in the field of providing hospital medical gas equipment.

Official representative of American Airsep company in the field of providing after-sales services for hospital oxygen generators.


In line with the general policies of the system regarding the development of medical equipment produced in the country, this company started designing and manufacturing various types of central medical gas equipment, which after passing all standard quality tests, succeeded in obtaining a production license and an export license from the General Department of Medical Equipment of the Ministry. Health and medical education of the country for the following products:


Hospital central oxygen generator

Medical compressed air of the hospital center

Hospital central vacuum

Anesthetic gas collection system

Home oxygen generator


The mission of Vala Darman Amirkabir Company (VDA) is to design, manufacture and supply quality medical equipment according to the world’s standards, as well as quality pre- and post-sale services. This is based on the experience and knowledge of the company’s managers. In this regard, this company, while providing quality products and main production and spare parts, has made continuous research and development and continuous training of its human capital as well as the personnel of hospitals and medical centers its top priority.


In order to develop our export and competitive market share, we have Behparvor Industries Expansion and Development Company with more than 35 years of experience, 20 subsidiary companies in various industries and fields, 150 production units and 2000 personnel as business partners.