Detection device (polygraph)

Somno check

The SOMNOCheck sleep test (polygraph) diagnostic device is made by Lownstein Medical Technology, Germany. The polygraphy system is based on AASM standards through Flow and Saturation.

The only official and legal representative of the Lowenstein brand in Iran is Valadarman Amirkabir. Waladarman Amirkabir company guarantees all its products for 2 years and undertakes to provide 10 years after-sales service to all its products.

The sleep test diagnostic device (polygraph) is one of the most reliable and best global brands that helps you diagnose sleep disorders. Lowenstein polysomnography system with 25 years of modern design experience meets the needs of a sleep testing system.

It should be noted that the SOMNOcheck device is one of the most widely used and reliable devices in the diagnosis of sleep disorders and sleep monitoring, which can provide doctors with an accurate report by accurately detecting and recording all parameters.

Also, SOMNOcheck devices have a stable and reliable performance with a beautiful appearance and comfortable and stylish performance.

Items included with this device include carrying bag, pulse oximeter, nasal cannula, battery.

Devices manufactured by Lownstein Medical Technology have a two-year warranty and ten years of after-sales service.

Vala Derman Amirkabir Company is the official and legal sales and after-sales service representative of Lownstein Medical Technology Company.

Features of Somno Check device

  • It has the technology to distinguish between obstructive and central apnea
    It has complete reporting for both statistical and histogram detection
    Complete software with easy to use
    With automatic and manual analysis
    The ability to detect the possible risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases
    The ability to view a short report of all measured parameters on the screen
    The device is used in a portable way and with a battery power source
    Comfortable working
    light weight
    Has a color monitor screen
    Placement and connection on the wrist like a watch

Measurable parameters of the device