Anesthetic gas collection system

Collection of anesthetic gases


According to Iran’s National Standard No. 11636-2, an anesthetic gas collection system is required to be connected to the exit of the anesthesia machine to transfer used and/or excess anesthetic gases and vapors to a suitable point for evacuation. The anesthesia gas system or Anesthesia Gas Scavenging System is a side channel type vacuum pump system that consists of three different parts: a transmission system, a receiving system and a disposal system. Side Channel vacuum pumps are of dry type that do not have the possibility of ignition and explosion due to the flammability of anesthetic gases.

When choosing and buying these systems, in addition to the correct capacity measurement, several things must be considered, such as the height of the device’s installation location from sea level, relative humidity, and maximum temperature. The sales engineers of this company are ready to provide medical centers with the necessary information for purchase engineering and correct selection of devices for free, so contact us before purchasing.