Central medical vacuum

Central medical vacuum


The central medical vacuum system is mainly used in operating rooms and inpatient departments to provide suction. For this purpose, central vacuum systems are used in hospitals, which are equipped with oil and dry rotary vane pumps and must provide up to negative pressure of 650 to 850 millibars. Also, the central vacuum supply source must be equipped with three vacuum pumps, each of which alone can meet the needs of the treatment center. Another standard requirement for these systems is to be equipped with a bacteria filter and monitoring system. The monitoring system is for controlling the performance of each pump and dividing the operating hours between the pumps and automatically transferring the working pressure in the time of failure or increasing the amount of consumption between the pumps as well as controlling the pressures. A bacteria filter is also required to prevent bacteria from entering the air outlet and vacuum system equipment.

Classification of the central vacuum systems of Vala Darman Amirkabir in terms of layout

Duplex system

Since according to the international standard ISO7396 and the national standard of Iran 11636-1, sources of vacuum supply in medical centers should be at least 3 separate sources, but considering that the possibility of increasing the suction capacity by using two pumps at the same time and dividing the function of the pumps in duplex systems By using the neutralization documents designed by this company, duplex systems are sometimes used in medical centers where vacuum consumption is low.

Triplex system

اگر بخواهیم سیستم کاملا استانداردی برای مرکز درمانی خود انتخاب نماییم باید از این نوع سیستم ها استفاده شود که مجهز به 3 عدد پمپ وکیوم است که هر کدام از پمپ ها به تنهایی امکان تامین ظرفیت مصرفی بیمارستان را دارد. ضمن اینکه مدارکنترلی طراحی شده توسط شرکت والادرمان امیرکبیر امکان تقسیم بار مصرفی را دارد تا ساعت کارکرد پمپ ها به یک اندازه شود و در صورت خرابی و نیاز به سرویس یه پمپ، پمپ دیگر بطور اتوماتیک وارد مدار شود.

Duplex and triplex modular systems

The modular central vacuum system is usually used for medical centers with a high consumption capacity, where pumps with a capacity of more than 300 cubic meters per hour are used, or in centers where the installation location of the equipment does not allow the installation of the entire set of pumps and tanks.

When choosing and buying these systems, in addition to the correct capacity measurement, several things must be considered, such as the height of the device’s installation location from sea level, relative humidity, and maximum temperature. The sales engineers of this company are ready to provide medical centers with the necessary information for purchase engineering and correct selection of devices for free, so contact us before purchasing.