Portable ventilator

Portable Ventilator

Luisa ventilator

Luisa model portable ventilator is made by Lownstein Medical Technology Company in Germany. The only official and legal representative of Lowenstein brand in Iran is Valadarman Amir Kabir Company. Waladarman Amirkabir company guarantees all its breathing aid products for 2 years and undertakes to provide 10 years after-sales service to all its products.

The Luisa model ventilator is one of the most reliable and best brands in the world, which helps to improve the respiratory condition of patients in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases. The device is equipped with two modes

NIV (Leakage system), IV (Circuit system).

It should be mentioned that the Luisa device is one of the most widely used and reliable devices in performing the mechanical ventilation of patients, which can solve the patient’s lung problems with reliable and stable control of inspiratory and expiratory pressure along with respiratory frequency. And now it is the latest design of Lowenstein Medical Technology.

Also, the Luisa device has a stable and reliable performance with a beautiful appearance and full color touch screen.

Items included with this device include a carrying bag, breathing tube and power cable.

Devices manufactured by Lowenstein Medical Technology have a two-year warranty and ten years of after-sales service.

Vala Derman Amirkabir Company is the official and legal sales and after-sales service representative of Lownstein Medical Technology Company.

LUISA device Features

Has CE mark number 0197 from the European Union
EUA license from the US Food and Drug Administration
Ability to measure FiO2 and SpO2
Has a Tidal Volume mode in the range of 30 to 400 ml (for use by children)
Has a Tidal Volume mode in the range of 100 to 1000 ml (for adult use)
The pressure range is from 4 to 50 centimeters of water (cmH2O) in system leakage mode
Pressure range from 6 to 60 (cmH2O) in system valve mode
It is possible to adjust the breathing interval from 5 to 8 bpm for children and from 2 to 60 bpm for adults.
It has a PEEP mode in the range of 0 to 25 cm of water (cmH2O).
It has an exclusive system (Mouthpiece Ventilation) made by Lowenstein company (use of a mouthpiece for neuromuscular patients or spinal cord lesions due to improper functioning of respiratory muscles)
It has exclusive Trigger Flow mod made by Lowenstein company
It has exclusive Expiratory Pressure Ramp mod made by Lowenstein company
Equipped with an advanced alarm system
Equipped with a rechargeable battery with a useful life of over 6 hours per device charge (with the ability to increase up to 18 hours)
It has a turbofan manufactured by Micronel Switzerland (the highest quality turbofan in the world).
It has a 10-inch touch screen to display and control all device parameters
The ability to save all information on the external memory
The ability to rotate the screen and place the device in horizontal and vertical modes
The ability to connect the device to a smartphone via Bluetooth
It has a dedicated application for smart phones
Ability to save pre-programmed settings for easy use (four different modes)

Warnings and precautions

The ventilator is sold to the patient only with a doctor’s order or prescription.
Do not use this device before the pressure therapy prescribed by the doctor is determined.
The pressure adjustment is also done by the experts of this company or the reliable representatives of Vala Derman Amirkabir based on the doctor’s prescription.
To prevent serious damage to the device’s electrical system, be sure to use an electrical protector.
To prevent water from entering the device, do not move the device under any circumstances when the humidity container is connected to the device.